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Air Ticket Reservation

With our years of ticketing service experience, We are Confident that we can find the cheapest air ticket for you.
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Purchasing Agent Service

We will help you try to save precious time for our members living in Korea or overseas who have difficulty understanding korean, or do not have enough information on how to buy necessities while in Korea, even valuable and difficult to find antiques.
Avoid being overcharged for products purchased, or be ripped off by scammers by requesting our service.

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We provide a moving service for foreigners in Korea.
The vehicle type you choose is based on your luggage’ size and quantity.
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Accomodation Finding

We can assist people who need help finding accomodations while staying in South Korea temporary foreigners,

teachers holding an E-2, F Visa, Businessmen and those who want to stay longer in the country.

We can find Room accomodations and montly housing that do not require a security deposit, or accepts monthly rent only.

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Door To Door Service(Taekbae)

We have a very convenient delivery system called Taekbae; which is a door to door service for a reasonable price.
We can assist you with the application of this Taekbae service. Our fee is 2,500 KRW (per item)

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Health, Food

If you need any medical help, we will find a nearby hospital and healthcare service and we will find the location and proper information nearest you - You can apply for specific traditional restaurant that you are looking for and we will find the perfect place for you. We can also advertise restaurants (your business) on our site.

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Post Items / Business Offer

Any business offer, partnership or product availability are welcome here. You may post them here. Apply Now.

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