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Business Offer / Affiliate
Any business offer, partnership or product availability are welcome here. You may post them here
Buy&Sell : You can sell or buy a product
Post items > Set the prices > Choose who pays for the delivery charge (seller or buyer).
Purchasing Agent
We will help and try to save precious time for our members living in Korea or overseas that have a language problem or do not have enough information on how to buy necessities in Korea such as any necessary, valuable and even antique items. Avoid being overcharged for products purchased, or be ripped off by scammers by requesting our service. We will quickly purchase those items, set a price to meet your satisfaction and give you the best service.
Other Service Request
Our goal is to provide any kind of service to foreigners like you who are visiting or would like to visit Korea, by acting as a middle man in your everyday affairs. In so doing, we ensure that you would be provided with an enjoyable stay or business wherever you are. Reach us by filling out the form, and help will be on its way immediately. Please fill out the "Purchasing Agent Request Form" if you need assistance in purchasing an item. Use the "Other Service Request Form, " if you need assistance for other services. Please fill out the "Purchasing Agent Request Form" if you need assistance in purchasing an item. Use the "Other Service Request Form, " if you need assistance for other services
Wanted Service Agents for Foreigners (Freelance Part Time Jobs)
Wanted Service Agents for Foreigners (Freelance Part Time Jobs)

Who may apply : Persons who have good command of the English language, Korean who studied overseas, students who have studied abroad, Korean American (Gyopo), F-Visa holders, etc. No age limit, non-gender specific jobs, we provide freelancer part time jobs available near your place. Job Description : These are middleman service freelance part time jobs for foreigners visiting or would like to visit Korea and for Koreans who need the service as well.
Airline-Ticket Request/Booking /Reservation
With our years of experience, we can find the cheapest airline-ticket for you. Please fill out the form.
(Airport / Meidcal Tour / Business Escort / Shopping Pick Up )
From the airport, or from wherever you want, we bring you to wherever you wish.
We provide a moving service for foreigners in Korea. The vehicle type you choose is based on your luggage, size, and quantity. Please fill out the form, so we can expedite your service.
We can assist people who need help finding accommodations while staying in South Korea -- temporary foreigners, teachers holding an E-2, F Visa, Businessmen and those who want to stay longer in the country. We can find motels, hotels, guest house, room accommodations and monthly housing that do not require a security deposit; or accepts monthly rent only. For foreigners who know any other good accommodations, please let us know to help our members as well.
Health, Food
If you need any medical help, we will find a nearby hospital and healthcare service and we will find the location and proper information nearest you Apply Now. You can apply for specific traditional restaurant that you are looking for and we will find the perfect place for you. We can also advertise restaurants (your business) on our page. We have a service for food delivery. you will see pictures of the various kinds of Korean and foreign foods. Please select the food you want and give us your address, payment details (PayPal, Korean bank wire or Credit Card), and we will process your order as quickly as possible.
Parcel Delivery ( Door to Door Service )
Ordering and receiving products from home are very convenient in Korea. The delivery price starts from 5,000 won. We provide parcel delivery service. We can send by Fed-Ex, TNT, EMS, Korea Post, DHL, etc. This is a one-stop service for your convenience. Any product can be delivered or sent. Please fill out the form and we will send it immediately.



One-Stop Service Korea는 한국에서 생활하는 외국인들이 언어로 인해 불편해하는 것을 보고 언어장벽으로 인한 생활의 불편을 덜어주기 위해 각종 편리한 서비스(Multi Service Provider for Foreigners)를 제공하기 위해 설립되었습니다.


One-Stop Service Korea 는 한국에 체류하고 있는, 여행객, 비즈니스맨 원어민 강사 및 수많은 외국인들이 낯설은 환경에서, 언어장벽, 정보부족 등으로, 제대로 된 서비스를 받지 못하거나, 바가지를 쓰거나, 안 좋은 경험과 더불어 한국에 대한 부정적 이미지를 가지게 되는 경우 등을 방지하고자 합니다.

현재 많은 외국인 친구들이 이런 애로사항들을 애기하고, 부탁을 받아왔기에, 하루 빨리 외국인들의 손과 발이 되는 서비스를 시작해야겠다고 생각했습니다

그래서 정부의 지원을 받아, 작은 시작이지만 외국인들을 위한 토탈 서비스 솔루션으로 거듭나기위해 최선을 다하겠습니다,

One-Stop Service Korea 는 아울러 근무완료 후 한국을 떠날 때, 남은 물건들을 원활하게 처리하실 수 있도록 직거래 사고팔고장터를 운영하고 있습니다. 회원님의 좋은 물품들을 함께 공유하시고 보탬이 되기를 기원합니다.
무료로 주셔도 되고, 가격을 정하고 판매하셔도 됩니다.


One-Stop Service Korea 는 커뮤니티, 소셜네트워크를 통해, 외국인들의 필요한 서비스를 지속적으로 파악하고, 발 빠르게 해결해드리고자 최대한 노력을 하겠습니다. 감사합니다.

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